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This means they will assess their stakeholders’ needs and design the best infrastructure for them. Experienced in configuring JSON/YAML-based AWS CloudFormation Templates to build and create multiple AWS services for Continuous deployment of applications in prod environment as Docker containers and Kubernetes pods and nodes. Experienced in migrating on-premises, .Net apps, DevOps platform to Azure CI/CD processes by utilizing ARM templates, Azure DevOps, Azure CLI, App services to build Repos, Pipelines, Web Apps, and monitoring applications using Application Insights. An Azure cloud engineer from PeoplActive will be responsible for managing, maintaining, monitoring, and securing all servers including installations, upgrades, patches, and documentation. He is accountable to meet deliverable commitments and quality compliance. Recruiters are also looking for Azure cloud engineers who are comfortable with technology and are willing to embrace new ways of working.

azure cloud engineer resume

Worked with various components of Chef including Chef Server, workstations, Nodes, configurations of chef-client and written cookbooks and recipes for Chef and assigning roles to nodes. Automate AWS infrastructure through infrastructure as code by writing various Terraform modules, scripts by creating AWS IAM users, groups, roles, policies, custom policies, AWS Glue, Crawlers, Redshift clusters, snapshots of clusters, EC2, S3 buckets. Configured AWS IAM and Security Groups in Public and Private Subnets in VPC Managed IAM accounts and IAM policies to meet security audit & compliance requirements and worked as Admin.

Internship Resume

You should mention your ability to work remotely throughout the entire lifecycle of the cloud products and how you were able to communicate with teams despite your distance. When writing your cloud network engineer resume, you must focus on keywords related to that field.

azure cloud engineer resume

To comply, just include enough industry-related keywords throughout your azure developer resume and try to match your talents to the job description and requirements stated by the recruiters in their job postings. To become an AWS cloud engineer, you should have a bachelor’s degree in a Computer Science-related field. However, some companies don’t have this requirement, as long as you demonstrate your cloud management skills in the AWS platform. Other clients might ask you to help them migrate from an on-site server to a cloud, or you may also focus on monitoring data management to ensure cloud security. Depending on your clients’ demands, you can also do a little bit of everything. • Strong Hands on Linux experience • Strong knowledge of at least one scripting language • Strong understanding of operating systems & networking concepts • Good understanding of storage, load balancers, virtualization, web, database and messaging ser… When listing skills on your cloud engineer resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability.

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Adept at leading the development and deployment of SQL servers and multiple data warehousing concepts. Proficient in the deployment as well as management of cloud-based infrastructure, especially on Microsoft Azure. Highly skilled in managing different internal and external stakeholders as well as troubleshooting issues and initiating corrective actions. Meticulous Azure Specialist with 4+ years of experience azure cloud engineer building and managing servers, installing and automating cloud services, and administering systems. Skilled in deploying cloud-based infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. Solutions-oriented individual with a proven record of troubleshooting issues and employing corrective action plans. Ready to employ data migration, process optimization, and stakeholder management skills at Bank of America.

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Prepare for your FinOps interview with these 9 questions.

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Implemented a Kubernetes Container Orchestration solution within AWS leveraging KOPS, which allows easy management creation and recovery of AWS assets. Executed the automation from commit to deployment by implementing a CICD pipeline with the help of Jenkins and Chef. Responsible for User Management, Plugin Management, and End-to-End automation of Build and Deployment process using Jenkins. Provisioned the high availability of Azure VMs using Terraform and ARM templates, wrote new plugins to support new functionality in Terraform, and involved in using Terraform to migrate legacy and monolithic systems to Azure. Set up continuous delivery for the Pods by running Jenkins, Docker images, in Kubernetes.

Big Data Cloud Engineer

Choose a different resume template from our vast collection of free designs. Working on remote Azure jobs offers an opportunity to perform interesting work in comfortable conditions. It means that you can be in the location of your choice, while working for a variety of companies around the world, from the largest well-known businesses to inspired start-ups. The time you save by not commuting can be used for your personal life and continuing your education. We’ve interviewed 50+ hiring managers and recruiters and identified the 10 most important things they want to see on your resume.

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Integrate on-premises Windows AD with Azure AD, configure multi-factor authentication and federated single sign-on . Implemented DevSecops strategy for security auditing, continuous monitoring of the entire infrastructure which facilitates enhanced compliance and eliminates security breaches and vulnerabilities. Managed Kubernetes charts using Helm, and built reproducible Kubernetes applications builds, managed Kubernetes manifest files, and managed Helm packages releases.

The Best Resume Format

Showcasing your projects is a great way to demonstrate your skills, especially if you don’t have so much experience in the field. Describe challenges you faced as a cloud engineer and how you overcame them.

  • Setup Windows Workflow to work with insurance application processing in ASP.NET.
  • Set up continuous delivery for the Pods by running Jenkins, Docker images, in Kubernetes.
  • Designed and developed Cloud Service projects and deployed to Web Apps, PaaS, and IaaS.
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  • However, we have been given review notes from the initial permit application from the village fire department that need to be addressed and we do not have a competent engineer to evaluate what is needed for re-submittal for the hood permit.

Designed, developed and implemented the PDA Device using MVC Pattern and Used .NET Master Pages, Validation controls, Content place holders, themes, CSS, JavaScript and Web Forms for UI designed Interactive User Interface development. Involved in optimizing code and improving efficiency in databases including recompiling stored procedures and performing other maintenance tasks. Deployed Azure IaaS virtual machines and Cloud services into secure VNets and subnets. Optimized SQL Server for ASP.NET internal enterprise application. Setup Windows Workflow to work with insurance application processing in ASP.NET.

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